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Google Play Store APK Download to Ensure Installation of Trusted Apps


It obviously gives convenience to Android device users to have the Google Play Store for the installation of apps with ease. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have one due to hardware limitations.

Normally, all Android devices are distributed with the Play Store app bundled with the operating system. In some instances though, Android units may have problems with the app.

Thus, it needs to be re-installed for the app to regain its purpose. The most recent version of the Google Play Store is 8.4.40. You should be able to download this version from a reliable website for the APK file.

If your version of the Play Store gets corrupted from your smartphone, it can’t be used anymore. So, the best option is to re-install it by downloading the file.

  • Go to your trusted source by searching the address from the Web browser on your PC or any Android device.
  • Search for the Play Store version that would suit your device.
  • Transfer the file to the smartphone where the Play Store needs repair.
  • You can install the APK file of the Play Store by tapping it and follow the installation guide.
  • However, you need to enable Unknown Sources first by going to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources.

It has a button on the right that should enable or disable the feature. Simply switch it on.

  • Then, you should be able to proceed with the installation process.
  • Just don’t forget to switch off the Unknown Sources button after the installation.

Take note that older Android devices might no longer be supported by newer versions of the Google Play Store, so you have to look carefully for a compatible version for that matter. After all, the Play Store allows you to download and install apps securely and officially.