Although iOS users have seen a lot of improvements on their iPhones with the latest iOS 11 update, there are still people that are waiting for the jailbroken version. With all the new features inside the last update, such as the Notification Center, the unified Lock Screen, customizable Control Panel and a lot more features for iPads.

iOS 11 – Jailbroken Beta is Here

We have seen the last stable jailbreak of iOS 10.3.3, as for the iOS 11, there is a beta version of jailbreak that has been given to the public. At the moment Apple is focusing on patching security vulnerabilities rather than releasing other new features for their latest major update.

That is because hackers see those vulnerabilities and try to create the jailbroken version. So, Apple keeps on updating and fixing security issues to prevent and delay the development for a new jailbroken iOS.

The Latest Stable Jailbroken iOS is 10.3.3

There is no chance to run an iOS jailbroken version of 11 for now. So, if you want to run a jailbroken software, you should settle for the 10.3.3 until there’s an 11 stable version to try out.

Or you could also stick with the iOS 11 and don’t further upgrade it to a later 11.0.x version. The more you upgrade it, the more difficult is to get it cracked. We also expect to see a new version of jailbroken iOS 10.0.x rather than one for iOS 11.

As for the jailbroken iOS 11 beta, we are talking about the one showed at MOSEC by KeenLab. They demoed a jailbroken iOS 11 on an iPhone X. We don’t know if they actually plan to release it to the public, but it should at least an incentive to other hackers to try and deliver a jailbroken iOS 11.

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