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Minecraft Discovery Update: the Android Pocket Edition Download Available


The new Android update for Minecraft comes with a lot of new features and content that will keep all users hooked. Here is everything you need to know about them.

  1. Marketplace

Minecraft players can purchase new content or content created by other Minecraft creators. They can do so through an in-game store in which they will see in-game skins, texture packs, maps and more. A new currency appeared in the game, called Minecraft Coin, which can be purchase with real money.

  1. New Items

Since the update is called ‘Discovery’, it means that players will travel and explore the virtual world and discover new items or content. So you’ll see puzzles, monsters and you can go treasure hunting in places such as Woodlands Mansions.

How will you carry all those items? With the help of the newly introduced llamas!

Here are some more things that you’ll find in the Android version of Minecraft: an adventure mode, new maps – Cartographer Villager and Exploration, items like dyeable beds, concrete and concrete powder, glazed terracotta blocks.

You will get to smelt your iron or gold tools into iron or gold nuggets. You’ll get mending and frostwalking enchants and get to have new achievements. There is also a Skyrim Mash-up pack, shulker boxes and an off-hand slot.

There are some new game rules, such as DoFireTick, DoMobSpawning, DoTileDrops and more.

The Discovery Update Brings Improvements

For a better gaming experience, users will also see some other changes:

When the sun rises or sets it will happen in the east and west.

You can use a controller and there are some navigation improvements.

There is updated color palette for carpet and wood blocks.

Users will see screenshot previews of all the worlds.

Fun fact: You will be able to slice a block of melon into 9 slices and a cobweb into 9 strings!

The Discovery update brings a lot more features and content than we mentioned, and it surely is a game worth playing.