When you think about the summer of 2016 you think about Pokémon GO. The mobile game transformed into a sensations and millions of people from all around the world began collecting their Pokémon. The hype lasted for a while, but it eventually burned out.

Niantic continues to release updates and improvements for the mobile game, but it no longer attracts players the way it used to. And that is also because there is no communication with users.

Niantic should give out details about upcoming plans

When it comes to Pokémon GO updates, players don’t really know anything for sure, except for the fact that every 6-8 months new generations are released. However, this is not advantageous for many fans. Obviously, surprises are good and players should not know everything, but sometimes announcing an event might keep them interested.

One thing that Niantic can do is to share with us the projects they are working on. For example, players could receive projects that are coming soon. The date of the release and a short description should be enough to maintain the fans interested.

Additionally, Niantic could talk about its long term projects and goals. It would be good to find out if certain features or additions will be added to the game, and it might give certain users another motive to keep playing.

For example, an article with a timeline could be ideal. Niantic can use it to announce the dates for upcoming generation releases and events, so that everyone can prepare in advance for them. Additionally, Niantic could mention the projects its working on so that fans are able to see what the future holds for them.

After all, the greatest thing about Pokémon GO was the community, so Niantic could interact with it a bit more than it does.

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