Speedtest’s new Global Index is here and those who would like to know how fast their internet is and the ranking of their country in terms of broadband speed can take a look. The interactive ranking of the internet speed worldwide is updated every month and there are over 100 countries on the list.

The Global Index

The list shows each country’s internet speed and if it increased or decreased compared to the previous month. Eligible countries are those which have a minimum of 670 unique user speed tests for mobile and 3,333 tests for broadband monthly. So far the list includes 122 countries for mobiles and 133 countries for fixed broadband.

Some of the ranking

This month’s ranking has Iraq with the slowest mobile speed (3.03 Mbps) and Norway with the fastest download speed 62.59 Mbps. For fixed broadband, Venezuela has the slowest downloading speed (3.30 Mbps) and Singapore has the fastest broadband downloading speed 154.38 Mbps.

How to check your country

Those who want to see the situation of their country can click on it and it will show the data of the last 13 months for both mobile and fixed broadband.

The chart is also useful to compare countries in terms of internet speed.

The US for example is number nine on the list with a fixed broadband speed of 70.75 Mbps. This means that the US has half of Singapore’s internet speed. For mobile internet speed, the US, ranks 46th, ahead of Albania and behind Oman, which is half the average mobile internet downloading speed of Norway.

The Global Index does not include the price of mobile internet speed and fixed broadband per country, but it would be a good idea, so that we can understand if we receive enough for what we pay.

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