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Chrome 66 Update Download Available with Security Improvements


Chrome was designed by Google to offers internet surfers a more stable browser. However, when users received the possibility of signing in to Chrome, the browser became vulnerable to crashing as well. That is because code is injected into it while running. According to the giant tech-company, users who inject code into Chrome have 15% more chances of experiencing crashes.

Chrome 66 to the rescue

According to Google, a new Chrome update starting next year will message users after they experience a crash and explain what happened. Chrome will also suggest users to remove or update the software.

By July 2018, Chrome will start rejecting codes and after an initial crash it will restart, allowing the injection to take place. A message will be given to the user again.

By January 2019, Google has ambitious plans of releasing Chrome 72, designed to block code injections 100% of the time.

Implications of this decision

By blocking code injections, software vendors will have to figure out alternative solutions. For example anti-virus products will probably need to use a browser extension.

Google explained that some third-party apps such as Microsoft-signed code, IME software and accessibility software will not be affected by this decision. Developers can try the beta version of Chrome to help them design more efficient testing. Many applauded the idea considering that software solution is responsible for crashing browsers.

Chrome by Google

This freeware web browser was released in 2008 and it is the most popular one worldwide. The browser can be used with Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. It works with the following operating systems: Android Jelly Bean or later, Chrome OS, iOS 9 or later, OS X 10.9 or later and Windows 7 or later. The browser is available in 47 languages.