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[Download] MX Player 1.9.10 APK for Android to Enjoy Watching High-Quality Videos


People who love watching TV shows and movies on their Android-powered smartphones should consider giving MX Player a try. MX Player is considered by many to be the best way to enjoy video content. This is a bold statement but considering that MX Player is packed with tons of features alongside a simple to use UI (user interface), we need to agree that MX Player should have a place on everyone’s smartphone.

MX Player 1.9.10 APK for Android

The latest version of MX Player sports the “1.9.10” build number and it ships with a plethora of cool features that will make watching videos so much more fun than it already is. First off, MX Player offers highly useful features such as multi-core decoding, hardware acceleration, subtitles and many more others.

Fast Performance

MX Player’s biggest competitor is VLC but what many people don’t know is that MX Player’s performance is way better than what VLC is ever going to be able to offer. We are not saying that VLC is not a high-end app, but just that it isn’t at the same level as MX Player.

The reason we are saying that MX Player’s abilities completely overshadow VLC is because the app supports all video formats, uses multi-nucleus decodification and it allows users to control their videos through finger gestures.

Finger Gestures

Hands down, the coolest thing about MX Player is its finger gestures support. The app is equipped with a special technology that gives users the ability to simply swipe up or down to adjust the audio level of the video or to swipe left or right and to change the brightens of the video. Things get even better since MX Player also enables users to fast-forward videos through finger gestures.