Minecraft has released two patched for PS3 and PS4: Minecraft 1.62 and Minecraft 1.61. The new updates come as support for the Minecon Earth 2017 Skin Pack and to fix some issues.

Fixes made by Minecraft 1.62 and 1.61:

Minecraft 1.62 has fixed an issue which prevented invited friends from joining. Minecraft 1.61 has added support for the Minecon Earth 2017 Skin Pack and some improvements.

Minecraft 1.57 update: the last major one

The last major Minecraft update was 1.57 and it added many custom game types. Some of them will be mentioned bellow:

Game Types for Battle Mini Game:

  • Players can choose the number of loves per round
  • Players can choose the number of rounds played before announcing a winner
  • Forcing map size has been added
  • More options to manage the way in which players can heal or how fast they get hungry
  • Food Central is set to Custom Battles

Game types for Tumble Mini Game:

  • Players get to choose the number of lives each player gets per round
  • They choose the number of layers and their size
  • Players can use fireworks as weapon in Custom Tumble games
  • Spectator participation has been added for Custom Tumble games.

Gameplay for Minecraft

The sandbox game does not constrain the player to follow a specific path and accomplish a specific task. The default option is the first-person perspective. Another possibility is the third-person perspective.

The Survival Mode makes the players gather natural resources in order to create blocks or other items: armor, weapons or tools. Trading goods is also a common practice among players.

The creative mode gives players access to other resources and items such as the ability to fly freely.

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