Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming providers and there are over 10, 000 movies and TV series to choose from. Recently, the app has added a new feature: Audio Descriptions. This feature will help those who cannot fall asleep or are travelling.

Netflix’s Audio Description

As a Reddit user points out, this category allows Netflix subscribers to listen to audio descriptions of movies and series. Audio Description offers the possibility of listening to your favorite shows instead of watching them. So far only about 50 titles offer the option, but the list will continue to grow. Some examples are: the latest season of Stranger Things, Boss Baby, How the Grinch Stole Christmass. Daredevil, Finding Dory, The Good Place etc.

How to activate Audio Description

Those who want to enjoy this new Netflix category have to go to the same place subtitles are activated. The movies, documentaries and series which have the option, this feature will be the last one after subtitles available. The audio descriptions are very good, at least according to those who tried them so far.

Netflix: a story of success

In October 2017, Netflix has 109.25 million subscribers from more than 190 countries. This app entered the content-production industry in 2013 and made the well-known series: House of Cards.

The headquarters of the company is in California, United States.

Many families subscribe to this service because they can share the passwords and use it on different devices such as smart TVs, consoles, tablet and smartphones. The company has a more relaxed approach and policy and does not mind subscribers share their account with family members. The idea behind is that the three packages come with limited number of simultaneous seeding and this will make people subscribe anyway.

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