Pet owners know that taking care of an animal takes a lot of responsibility. Puppy blues is an actual thins and many new puppy owners experience white nights trying to console their crying animal. It is something Sims IV takes into consideration and it gives users the entire experience of owning a pet in the game.

The Sims IV: Cats & Dogs

This extension offers players to get a pet of their choice and it is different from the other Sims games. Pets can no longer have a job or control their actions. In The Sims IV, pets are unpredictable and complicated, just as they are in real life. The messy and difficult aspects of raising a pet are present during the game.

Having a pet is not easy at times

Carrying for a pet is demanding and tiring at times. The first weeks are especially difficult as both the animal and the owner are adjusting with each other.

In this expansion pets have their own mind and behave just like a real dog or cat: they pee on the flour, bite and ruin your furniture. They will also try to steal your food and demand your attention. Your neighbors might even complain if your pet is a troublemaker. Pets will want to cuddle and bring presents. The Sims character has to teach them to use the littler box or to pee outside. Dogs can even be trained to fetch a ball.

When the dog is sick, the character has to click on it and a clue will appear. A trip to the vet will also be possible.

Those thinking of buying a cat or a dog in real life should try The Sims IV: Cats & Dogs. This game can really make you understand if you are ready to become a puppy owner.

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