Google Keyboard APK Provides More Features for Android Phones

Google Keyboard for Android is a cool app that you can use to enable typing really fast and easy. It even provides some amazing gestures and voice capabilities. Thus, just glide through the letters with the Gesture Typing in order to enter words. You may not use the spacebar anymore when you start using gestures because you need to lift your finger in order to finish a word.

You can also take advantage of making texts on-the-go with the great Voice Typing feature. Additionally, you can use emojis to express what you feel if you are unable to find the right words to say. Here are some key features you might find useful.

Here are the main features of the Google Keyboard.

  • Gesture Typing – you can complete the word even before finishing the gesture, which is useful when you are making longer words.
  • Voice Typing – you may tap the microphone icon in order to enable dictating texts.
  • Word completion suggestions, next word prediction, and automatic corrections.
  • Typing patterns – Google Keyboard basically learns as you type, which doesn’t require you to add words to your personal dictionary manually.
  • Emoji – you can also choose hundreds of emojis by pressing and holding Enter to activate this feature, but it is only available in Android 4.4 or later.

There are so many key features other than that. In fact, version 6.8 now supports the handwriting feature for Google Keyboard, aside from the larger images in its new imoji picker.

In the past, you may need to download a keyboard APK and install it separately in order to print letters, but now a single app allows you to do both. However, you need to go to the Settings of your smartphone and add a keyboard, then select the handwriting option to match the language you are using. Only then can you switch back and forth between keys and handwriting.

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