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Google Maps – Navigation & Transit 9.67.1 Download Available Now


If you’re the kind of person that’s always traveling or exploring new lands, you definitely need to update to Google Maps – Navigation & Transit 9.67.1. If for some reason you don’t already have Google Maps installed on your mobile device, you should totally take a minute or two and download it. Usually, the app comes pre-installed on Android phones but hey, you never know. With that in mind, you might be wondering what can be expected from this version of the app specifically.

What’s new?

Unfortunately for those that were hoping for something big and pompous, there are no such features included in the latest build for Google Maps. However, the update brings about important bug fixes, which make the app better overall. It’s great to be able to enjoy the app you’re using without having to worry about crashes or errors and things of the like.  While it might not be as exciting as getting a new fully fledged feature, you shouldn’t skimp on these maintenance updates, as they are the ones keeping the core intact so that those features can successfully be added later on.

Using Google Maps

Over the years, the functionality of Google Maps has increased drastically and now you can use it for many things. Whether you’re going out of town and need a map or you want to know how traffic fares on your regular route to work in the morning, you can find out with just a few screen taps. Using Google Maps lets you get that vital information before you head out, so that nothing will take you by surprise.

It’s not just about preparing, it’s also about knowing which is the shortest route or the most advantageous one based on your circumstances. Google Maps tells you which way you should go to get to your destination, and modifies the information it gives you based on what means of transportation you are using. So if you’re on foot, in your car or riding a bike, you can get personalized information that will suit your current situation.

It’s easy to update


If you don’t do much app update and are afraid that it’s going to take a long time, you have nothing to worry about. The entire process takes a minute tops, and it will only require a couple of taps. You can get the update from the Google Maps page in the Google Play Store, or you can download it in the form of an APK file from an APK provider. There are plenty websites that provide APK files for free, so you just have to download into your phone and install it manually. Even this way, the process won’t take more than a minute.