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Google Play Services 11.9.51 Beta Available for Download


If you’ve had an Android phone for a while, then you are probably familiar with the importance of keeping Google Play Services updated whenever a new build is made available. If you’re relatively new to the Android family, then you should know that Google Play Services is a very important component of the operating system. In fact, there are many functions that would just not work properly without this service.

What are Google Play Services?

There are several such services that are affected by this app. Mainly your privacy related functions like being able to change privacy options, are affected by Google Play Services. This means that you will encounter difficulties when trying to manage accounts or maybe tweak things around. The way in which you update other apps through the Google Play Store will also change based on how up to date your Google Play Services app is, meaning that if you fall behind on updates, the entire OS could just become far less stable.

The new build

Updating to the latest version, which is 11.9.5 beta will give you access to the newest Google Play Services rendition. This means that you will have the most optimized and performance focused build for Google Play Services, and this will ripple into all the other things that you do with your phone such as the aforementioned app updates or privacy management. While the changes made to Google Play Services aren’t as visible as the features other apps might receive, it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth taking a minute or two to update to the latest version. On the contrary, without this update, you wouldn’t be able to properly enjoy all those rich and palpable features.

Running a beta build

This is a beta build, meaning that it’s not quite in its final stages of completion, or rather that there’s still room for changes before it officially goes live. Some users prefer to wait it out and just get the live build when it’s released. However for those that can’t wait, the beta build can be a fun experience. Just because it’s beta doesn’t mean necessarily that it’s going to crash every couple of seconds. There might be some hiccups here and there, but overall you should be able to test the build with ease.

It’s also worth noting that you would be directly helping out Google, by testing the beta build and sending your feedback in case of discovering a critical error or bug. This helps out a lot and it would make you part of the team that provided the bulk of Android users with the newest Google Play Services build experience when it finally hits live.