Apple released iOS 11 less than three months, but it already received numerous updates, including some major ones. Right now Apple launched the second upgrade for iOS 11, iOS 11.2.

This update is supposed to fix all the crashes experienced by the users. As it turns out, this version also brings the long awaited Apple Pay Cash, which allows users to send payments between each other, but users will have to wait more for it.

In order to download iOS 11.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPad touch simply go to Settings -> Software Update and you should be able to install it.

The date bug

One of the major issues that has been solved by iOS 11.2 is the December 2nd date bug. For those who are not aware, this caused iPhones to Springboard crash if the device had certain apps with local notifications installed.

The bug started happening on December 2nd for users from all around the world. If you are affected you should disable notifications as soon as you can. Then go to Settings and get the iOS update.

In order to temporarily get rid of the crash by yourself, go to Settings -> Notifications and then tap every app and turn off Allow Notifications for each. After that you should be able to download iOS 11.2 After you get the update you can enable notifications again.

This weird bug determined Apple to release the update on a weekend, something that has never happened before. This also affected other iOS 11.2 features.

Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash appears in the release notes of this version, but it does not appear to be enabled yet. The service should allow peer-to-peer payments in the US, but users will have to wait a bit more for it. The feature should be activate OTA in a few days.

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