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Facebook Privacy Settings to Keep Your Account Secure


The privacy controls and privacy issues are always changing on Facebook more than you know it. Good thing, Facebook has made the process of managing the privacy easier. Thanks to the government regulators and Facebook users worldwide due to their vocal demands for transparency. Here are easy guides to take full control of your privacy settings.

Posts Setting

You can modify your default sharing setting to Public or Friends setting. The Friends setting is more recommended than the Public one. Take note that the Public setting can share your posts by anyone on Facebook.

The Friends setting, however, allows you to make a few tweaks. Simply click the Sharing setting button, and then the More Options button next. You will be able to open the Custom option for this feature. By clicking this, you can see that you will be able to include all your Friends. This excludes the names of those friends you wouldn’t want to see your updates.

Apps Settings

Take note that every app you have installed on your smartphone has sharing permissions attached to it. Such settings can be used to control who will be able to see that you have installed the app. So, it is about time that you uninstall apps that you no longer need to avoid privacy issues.

Profile Settings

You can see privacy settings on your email address and other personal information about your life. With the email, you can see the one you have registered with upon your first Facebook sign-up. Most of the time, the privacy setting on this area is left public.

Moreover, you will be able to set your birthday by splitting the day, month, and year. This way, your friends can see your birthday without knowing your actual age. The same goes to the hometown, relationship status, and other personal details. This makes the privacy settings of your Facebook account even more secure from people whom you don’t want to share your personal info with.