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The Handy Google Calculator App for Android


One of the most useful apps even before smartphones were born is the calculator. It has always played a part in the lives of everyone who needs a quick way to calculate equations without having to write down solutions manually.

The calculator as a handy tool

The calculator was already a perfect tool that revolutionized how we do business particularly in retail business. It meant that the long lines at the grocery counter are easily manageable since a calculator program is already embedded on the point of sale system that the cashier uses. In summary, the calculator has always been a handy tool to carry around when you expect to encounter solving mathematical problems in your day to day interactions.

Download Google’s free calculator app

With the advent of smartphones the all-in-one concept has become very popular, which includes the handy calculator. Meaning if you have an Android smartphone all you have to do is download a Calculator App like the one that Google provides for free.

How to Install the Google Calculator App on your Phone

There are at least two basic ways to do this. The first way one is normally what you do when you want to install an app to your Android Phone. Just open up Google PlayStore and search for Google Calculator and then tap install.  Once installation is done, you will be able to see an App icon of the Google Calculator App on your App menu.

In some rare instance that you are unable to install the Google Calculator App via PlayStore, you can still do so via Google Calculator APK. You can do this by going to a reliable APK mirror site and looking for the Google Calculator APK. Download the APK file through the browser of your mobile device or through a computer in which case you will have to copy the APK file over to the mobile device you want the Google Calculator installed.