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Internet Connection Sharing With Apps You Can Download For Free


The benefits should outweigh the negative impacts of sharing your Internet connection. Basically, it is important to know how Internet connection sharing can affect you and the people whom you share the Wi-Fi with. Here are some of the best apps that can help you share your Internet without causing any trouble.


The hotspot from Connectify allows you to share your Internet connection with each device found in your home or office. The good thing about this app is that you don’t have to use any router or additional hardware.


This app has been around for more than a decade now. On its latest version, it is bundled with Internet connection sharing, anti-spyware, URL filtering, and anti-virus, among other security options. Naturally, WinProxy uses a built-in firewall, privileges, and parental site restrictions, giving the user full control of the Internet access.


This type of app would turn your computer into an access point with firewall protection and URL tracking. So, anybody around the vicinity can utilize your connection in order to access the Internet.

Moreover, it can be configured to prevent the utility of some Internet services, which include file sharing programs. It also tracks and records all the URL pages that are accessed on the virtual hotspot.


This app provides a combination of Internet connection sharing, content filtering, and network resource management. What makes it unique is that you can use it for networks in the office, school, or home. It also offers parental control, remote access support, and bandwidth control.

Virtual Router Manager

You can share your Internet connection when you are using either Windows 7 or 8 via the Virtual Router Manager app. No options are offered, but its simplicity makes it one of the most user-friendly Internet connection sharing apps that you can download for free.