The new update of the popular building game brings some new features. The Aquatic update has been confirmed by Minecraft during the Minecon Earth event over the weekend. It is not known the exact date of release, but the new items to be found have been mentioned.

Minecraft: Aquatic

The new underwater update will have coral, kelp, new fish and dolphins’ and even new water physics. The water will look more realistic and player can explore it in search of the many secrets lying underneath it. There are hidden shipwrecks and a new weapon: the trident.

According to the official website, the Aquatic update will be the biggest one yet and everyone is excited to try it.

The Trident: a new Minecraft weapon

This new weapon can be used by players in close combat. They can throw it at enemies or enchant it to do some tactical moves. For example, the Loyalty enchantment can return after being thrown.

More on Minecraft

This game was developed by Mojang and it is a sandbox video game in which players can build using a variety of cubes. The activities taking place in the game are crafting, combat, gathering, and exploration. A popular gameplay mode is the survival mode in which the player has to build the world and maintain health. Another mode is the creative one, in which players receive unlimited resources to build their worlds. In this mod, players are also able to fly.

The game has been present on social media and there are plenty of merchandise and adaptations going around. There is even a convention of Minecraft: MineCon. At the beginning of 2017 over 121 million copies of the game has been sold for all the platforms it is compatible with: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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