No Internet Access Error

It is so frustrating at times when your computer can’t establish a connection to the Internet. Sometimes this happens when you are expecting to have a lot of work to be done with your computer. Error messages such as “No Internet Access” would commonly pop up on Windows 10 PCs. Here are solutions you can apply to fix the said error.

Use the Command Prompt

Press the key combination Windows key + R in order to display the Run dialog box. Then, enter the word “cmd” to open the command prompt. Once it opens, enter the following command lines one after another.

  • Netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled
  • Netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
  • Netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled
  • Netsh int tcp show global

After typing and pressing Enter at the end of each line, you need to restart your PC to apply the changes you have done. This should fix the error with regards to your Internet connectivity.

Disable Wi-Fi Sharing Software

  • Use the key combination shortcut Windows key + R to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Type the texts “ncpa.cpl” into the dialog box, then click OK.
  • Right-click on the wireless adapter for the Properties.
  • Then, you need to scroll down and uncheck the items that are related to your Wi-Fi sharing app.
  • Click OK to apply the changes.

Power Management Properties

If you are using Windows 10 Creators Update, you will encounter some issues, but here is how you fix it.

  • Use the key combination Win + X to go to the Jump List.
  • Choose Device Manager
  • Expand the entry for Network adapters
  • Double-click the wireless network device existing on your PC
  • Then, go to Power Management tab.
  • Uncheck the box below it that says “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.

These quick fixes should be able to resolve the “No Internet Access” issue that you would have on your PC.

Apps And Software Quick Fixes For No Internet Access Error Message on Windows 10 PC