With the passing of time, there were a few changes for Skyrim since its first debut in 2011. You can feel some differences from the PS3 to PS4 and now to VR.

Since technology has gone so far and invented new things on the way, sometimes we stopped appreciating what we use in gaming and we always bought new products to satisfy our curiosity. But since the VR got created we became more tempted and finally, we felt refreshed.

Although Skyrim VR engages us to discover a new era of gaming providing us unforgettable, almost tactile surroundings with the help of the PlayStation Move controllers (at least that’s what it says it does), the thing in itself is not that cool since experiencing such a huge area can be confusing and tiresome. But what we can be sure of is the VR’s future ahead.

VR Changes

Everything is so different now, and it feels that the image in front of you is amplified as the game starts. You are immersed in a story, but you’re not quite a part of it.

Although Skyrim was definitely a success before the VR version appeared is not the same now. The experience is too narrow, and the innovation or eccentricity are long gone. A good example of gameplay is Superhot VR, simple in its content but promising, this one will leave you to move freely and to explore more.

The VR world is just at the beginning and we cannot take any of these games as granted yet. Developing farther, VR is not a hit when it comes to Skyrim or another different game. So, is it better to wait and to let the developers explore more the initial stage of this beginning of worldwide gaming stage.

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