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WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.436 Beta Ready to Download


It’s hard to think of a more popular means of communicating than WhatsApp. Most people that own a smartphone also have WhatsApp installed, and the app’s total user count of over a billion testifies to it popularity. Each time a new update is made available, fans are excited because there might be something really special in there.

Over the past couple of years, WhatsApp has added a lot of new features to its original build, and now users are able to do so much more than just send text messages. But what does this new version bring? Let’s delve deep and see what can be expected from WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.436 beta.

What’s new?

WhatsApp is bringing back the text-only option for profile updates. If you would just like to pin a message to your profile without all the fancy extra, you can do so by accessing the app’s Settings and editing the update to only display text, and specifically the text you want.

WhatsApp now allows users to search for GIFs right from the app itself. This means that WhatsApp allows for more customization than ever and you have a ton of liberty when it comes to how you want to express yourself. In order to bring out the GIF menu, simply tap on the Emoji button in a chat window.

This build looks really great and there’s no doubt about the excitement levels which will burst once users get their hands on this build. As for now, it’s still a beta build, which means that they may be some things that are not quite ready. By trying out the beta build, you could directly help WhatsApp improve the update and bring better content to its users. You would be directly responsible in a small fraction for the cool patch that’s coming this way.

Downloading the update

If you can’t use the app store right now, you can simply download the APK file pertaining to WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.436 beta and installing it manually once it’s uploaded into your phone. You can do that with a USB cable. If you can access the Google Play Store or the App Store however, you can simply go over to the WhatsApp page and hit that big update button.

This will immediately update your version of WhatsApp to the latest version. Make sure you become a beta tester so that you can get the latest updates and be on top of everything that’s happening with WhatsApp. It might not seem that way, but your feedback is actually critical for app developers to produce great quality content. So if you want to help you WhatsApp become better, give the beta version a  try and see how you like it.