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Google Play Store Free Download and Install Available on your Device


Android applications and downloads can be officially downloaded from Google Play Store. The app store comes with over one million games and apps, as well as videos and music files. Android users can use the search functions to find what they are looking for.

While most Android phones and tablets have Google Play Store pre-installed, there are some cases where you might have to download it on your own, for example if you have a device from a smaller company.

Install Google Play Store

Since Google Play Store is the official source for Android apps, it is better to use it than have some alternative stores that do not have the most popular applications. Therefore, if you have an Android device here is how you can install Google Play Store:

First of all, go to Settings and then tap Security. There, scroll down until you find Unknown Sources. Enable them but toggling the switch to the on position. You will be asked whether you are sure, since installing apps outside of Google Play can be dangerous.

Now that you enabled Unknown Sources, you will need an APK. is one of the safest APK sources, and each app is tested in order to make sure that it is safe to use. The people behind Android Police are the ones who made the website, so it should be secure enough.

Once you are on APKMirror use the search function to find the APK for the latest Google Play Store. After you find it, download it. When the download process is complete the file should appear in the notifications pull-down menu at the top of your phone. You can also find the file in the app drawer, in the Download folder.

Click the file and install it. After it is installed you should be able to use Google Play Store.