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Telegram 4.6 Update Download Available with Granular Controls


There are fresh and new features available for Telegram, the instant messaging app. The latest 4.6 version brings some changes and improved features.

Telegram, an alternative for WhatsApp

The latest Telegram update will allow its users to see previous Instagram posts, Tweets and multiple pictures, attached in the form of an album. Also, users have the possibility of adding albums to secret chats.

Other improvements include:

  • An enhanced global search algorithm; meaning users will find things faster in group chats or individual contacts
  • Full granular settings support allowing auto-downloading media on devices
  • It augments embeddable HTML widgets for messages
  • It supports MTPProto 2.0: this means better cloud chat security

Telegram: a brief history

Telegram has been released for the first time 4 years ago, in August by Telegram Messenger LLP and it is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT,  macOS and Linux.

This instant messaging app allows its users to send messages, exchange photos, videos, stickers, voice recording and files and it provides APIs to independent developers. Some have criticized the security aspect of the app because it does not provide end-to-end encryption by default. According to Telegram’s CEO, the Russian Pavel Durov, that is because it prevents third-party unsecure backups from interfering.

By February 2016, Telegram reached 1000 million monthly active users. The accounts are linked to phone numbers and users have the possibility of adding multiple devices to their account.

An important feature of Telegram is the secret chats. Messages within a secret chat can be accessed only on the device the secret chat was initiated and on those in which it was accepted. These messages can be deleted and they can also self-destruct. They provide perfect forward secrecy since December 2014.