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Here’s Why You Should Replace WhatsApp with Viber


Every day, WhatsApp’s 1.2 billion clients send billions of messages. This is huge. Huge enough to imagine that WhatsApp holds every one of the cards with regards to texting applications. Yet, it doesn’t.

Viber is WhatsApp’s nearest rival, and it too has a consistently developing client base.

In any case, with Viber’s elements list being much more noteworthy than WhatsApp’s, the diversion is a long way from being done. As more people find out about Viber, more will probably observe the advantages of this app.

VoIP Features

Both WhatsApp and Viber clients can call and message anybody they’re associated with inside the application totally free. In the event that you need to call somebody who doesn’t use WhatsApp, you can’t.

Viber incorporates Viber Out, a completely fledged VoIP item that enables global calls. You simply need to stack up your account with some credit and then you can call anybody you like. Regardless of whether they don’t use Viber or not.

Desktop access

It is known that WhatsApp has Mac and Windows desktop apps, yet these offer exclusive texting. If you want to call someone, you’ll have to do it from your phone.

With Viber, on a desktop, you can enjoy all those features you have on your phone, plus calls and video calls, and not only inside the app. Viber likewise has a Linux application!

Public Accounts and Chats

Viber cases to be the world’s most far-reaching correspondence encounter. And to satisfy this claim, it likewise has public accounts.

These records are generally set up by brands or big names so they can talk or be associated with a group of people on Viber. There are additionally different groups identified with exceptional interests, for example, photography or politics.

Hidden Chats

In case you’re having a talk that you need to escape luring eyes, Viber makes this entirely simple.

You should just tap on the name of the contact or group you’re talking to. Click Chat information, then Hide this chat. You’ll be requested to set a PIN.


In case you’re into phone games, Viber has this for you.

Inside the Viber application, you can discover a list of games that enable you to play with your Viber contacts. They are made by Viber and you can play with your Viber contacts. In case you haven’t noticed yet, it’s only for Viber clients.