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Download Adobe Flash Player For Older Computers – PC and Mac

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If you have an old PC or an old Mac, you can use Flash Player on outdated browsers and continue to enjoy it until it is discontinued in 2020. The news is great for those that are still using old computers.

You can get Adobe Flash Player 28 from the official Adobe website. They will provide an online installer and it will work on Windows versions 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or Mac OS X. If your OS is not among the supported on, you can get the offline installer.

You can download the offline installer for Adobe Flash Player 28 from the following links.

Adobe Flash Player 28 for Windows

You can get the offline installer for Windows Internet Explorer (32bit or 64bit), for Mozilla Firefox ((32bit or 64bit), and both Opera and Google Chrome (32bit or 64bit versions) by following this link:

Adobe Flash Player 28 for Mac OS X

You can get the online installer on Mac OS X to use it on Safari and Firefox, Opera, and any browsers that are Chromium-based. This is the link you must follow:

After you have installed the proper version of Adobe Flash Player on your device, make sure that it is updated. This will help you avoid any issues when you use Flash Player.

By 2020 Adobe will no longer support Flash Player and will not work on old or new PC or Mac versions.

Updating the browsers will keep you away from malware or hackers that can’t wait for you to let them exploit those security holes. So, it is best to update your Flash Player and internet browsers if you want to benefit from the latest security patches. Not only it will keep you protected from threats, but it will also come with fixes for various issues or bugs.