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Google Earth APK Allows People to Explore the World Through Another Set of Eyes

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Ever wished to see what Tokyo, London or other major city capitals looked like but you couldn’t afford visiting them? Well, Google Earth can help you do that. Google Earth is an amazing app that uses satellite and user submitted pictures to provide people with real-life views of what the entire world looks like.

Explore the World

Using Google Earth, people can explore the entire world without ever leaving their room! This app was originally built for the CIA, but Google decided that it would be better to release it to the entire world. This was a great decision since Google Earth is one of the coolest apps to ever be made.

Google Earth APK Update

Nonetheless, the reason why Google Earth is making headlines today is because a new APK update went live. The new update brings the app’s build number up to “” and it introduces one major feature!

Photos Layer

The new feature that’s being introduced alongside this latest APK is called Photos Layer. This feature is quite amazing since it gives people the ability to view the world through another set of eyes. Furthermore, Photo Layers can be accessed straight through the app’s UI (user interface) and it shows user-contributed photos.

Explore Like a Local

Even though it might seem like Google couldn’t do anything to make this app better than it already is, Google proved everyone wrong by introducing Photos Layers. This feature allows people to send pictures of their hometowns which makes it easier for other users to explore the world like a local.

Using Photo Layers, people will be able to check out amazing sightseeing spot which are spread all throughout the globe. Moreover, Photo Layers is also a great way for people to show off their local environments.