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Google Play Services 11.9.73 Beta APK is Now Available to Download

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There are a bunch of apps that make Google’s operating system awesome, but what many people don’t know is that none of them would work without Play Services. Google installs Play Services on all Android powered smartphones and while people might not have any idea what this app does, its actually plays an important role in the Android ecosystem. With that being said, let’s check out what’s the deal with Play Services and why Google holds in such a high regard.

Authentication Features

The first thing we need to mention about Play Services is that its essential for account synchronization and authentication. Play Services stores important information such as user id, password, privacy settings and lower or higher quality settings. Therefore, Play Services is a key core component to Google’s premium user experience.

Auto Updating Apps

There are many reports where Android users delete Play Services because they don’t know what it does and then they are left baffled to why their other apps stop functioning. Play Services is used for enhancing app experiences and it speeds us offline searches, provides more immersive app environments and it also allows other apps to automatically update themselves.

Play Services 11.9.73 Beta APK

Talking about updates, Google recently published a new APK for Play Services. This update brings the app’s build number to “11.9.73” and its designed especially for beta testers and eager Android fans who want to make sure their smartphone is always running at top performance.

Since this update comes in form of APK (Android Package Kit), users are required to manually download and install it on their smartphones. Moreover, Android fans who want to test out all of Google’s updates ahead of time can enroll in the Android Beta Program and receive all the latest APK.