The PlayStation 4 update 5.50 is no longer a secret and it will soon be released, presently in beta. Even if you cannot sign anymore for this beta testing process, keep in mind that invites are still going out.

Right away, Sony has updated the rundown of the considerable number of highlights that will be accessible in this update, but it doesn’t seem like there are many changes in it.

The Play Time Management

Amongst the known features, they introduced Play Time Management – family members, parents, guardians will set up a play time for their kid. To do this, you have to go to Settings, then to Family Management from your PS4 (you can likewise log into your PlayStation account from your PC). Now you’ll be able to manage the time he spends in front of the PS4. Notifications will be sent in time so that your kid knows when it’s time for him to stop – this also gives him the time to save his game. Guardians can also decide if they should log off from his kids’ account.

New Tabs to make some magic

Tabs are being added to have a clear glance that you’ve installed or bought. To the Library, you’ll also have the PS Plus tab, which shows you what games you own from the PS Plus’ Monthly Free Games. You may also be able to hide those if you want. From Options, you can even hide betas, trials or demos of certain games.  In the case your membership is expired, an icon next to your name will tell you it’s time to renew your prescription.

Music to guide you in your journey playing games

If you like listening to music on PS4, you’ll now be able to access Spotify, and the square button will be the volume controller. If you’re using the Media Player or the USB Music Player, the triangle will be used to play or pause and the square will also be the volume controller.

Playstation blog constantly updates their article with latest added features.

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