Cargill offices at 4340 18th Avenue South in Fargo. David Samson / The Forum

US and Canada are the ones which are going to benefit from this

Univar just entered into an agreement with Cargill’s Food Ingredients & Bio-Industrial business in US and Canada. People will now be able to get the value of the products of Cargill and the big distribution network of Univar. And let’s not forget about the access to all kinds of food.

Univar Food Ingredients is known to be the leading provider for North America and it is a pretty good source of food ingredients that fit everybody’s taste.

Why is it good for us

This agreement is seen to be a great thing. It’s good for the foods of Univar. This way, their products are going to be constantly evaluated and they can improve their services, so it can meet the demand of the market and support customers. And seeing the fact that people will have all these food ingredients, maybe the prepared food, snacks and dairies will be impacted. It’s also good for the supply chain, the e-commerce and for the tech support, things which are important for the customers’ experience.

What makes Univar and Cargill special

Univar has to offer a great portfolio full of fancy and commodity food ingredients from different leading suppliers that have quality food and ingredients. It also carries a team of experts which give constant recommendations regarding industry trends, usual problems and supply chain solutions.

Cargill food has access to foods like cocoa, chocolate, oil, starches and sweeteners. They support gluten-free, clean-label and free-from products.

By this connection between Univar and Cargill, people have unlimited access to an even broader selection of high-quality ingredients. It puts Univar in an even better light as a leading food ingredients provider and a trusted company when it comes to the different categories of food.

Business Univar and Cargill’s Partnership Brings New Advantages for Customers