A new Windows 10 preview has been released on 23 February by Microsoft. The preview introduces small changes that are very important for the PCs’ Windows Update.

Because the build is from the RS4 branch, we’re likely to see a new Windows 10 update very soon. The update will come with fixes and new features. Until now, Microsoft has released four major updates: November Update, Anniversary Update, Creators Update, and Fall Creators Update.

The major addition in the future Windows 10 update will come with a tweaked Windows Update. This addition changes the way Windows Update tries to keep PCs updated: it will now scan, download, and install any update on a PC that is turned on and it will prevent it from going to sleep for 2 hours since it hasn’t been actively used. The team behind this tweak said that Windows Update will have a better ‘opportunity to succeed’.

Here is a list with some of the bug fixes and improvements that will come with the update:

Issues Fixed:

  • Settings crashed when trying to open Themes.
  • When you pinned Settings to Start, it didn’t have a name.
  • Storage Sense Settings had a typo.
  • In Settings, the dropdowns appeared blank until you clicked on one.
  • After navigating to Sound Settings or leaving Sound Settings, Settings would crash.
  • Explorer.exe crashed when plugging in an external optical drive.
  • There was an issue with some games that used Easy Anti Cheat – the system experienced a bugcheck (KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED)
  • Recent Windows builds wouldn’t let Windows Defender offline scan.

Windows 10 Update: New Build Number

The newest Windows 10 build number for PCs will jump from 17101 to build number 17107.

However, the build still has some known issues, so until they get fixes, it’s better not to install the update on the machine you’re working. Here are the four known issues:

  1. The Buttons that are on Game Bar are not correctly centered.
  2. When you select a notification after you’ve taken a game clip or a screenshot, instead of opening that screenshot or game clip, the Xbox app’s home screen will be opened.
  3. Some devices have had the OS failing to properly load or entering a reboot loop state after installing, at the first user-prompted reboot or shutdown. To fix this, try turning off fast boot or use a USB drive with a bootable ISO and boot into recovery mode.
  4. After you tear a PDF tab in Microsoft Edge it will result in a bugcheck – GSOD.

Sources: Blogs.Windows.com and WindowsCentral.com.

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