Android Oreo was released almost half a year ago, and things do not look good for Android users. There are very few phones that are up to date with the Android version, and things are moving incredibly slow. Only a few companies have managed to bring Oreo to their devices, and many phone owners are still waiting.

This time HTC managed to bring Android Oreo to HTC 10. In fact, it is not the first time this happens, and there was a failed attempt a while ago. The issues determined HTC to take down the download files, but it appears that now the problems were solved and the OTA will soon become available once again.

This update is an OTA (over the air) one, and it will slowly reach all users. Right now, the update is available for the US model, but the rest of the countries soon should follow, so don’t worry about it. This OTA update comes with the version number 3.16.617.2.

We can only appreciate the fact that HTC continues to work hard to bring the update on as many devices as possible. It is very important that the company does not focus only on the latest phones, and it is a good thing for customers. Now, we can only hope that other companies will follow HTC’s example, and Oreo will become available on more phones.

Installing the update

You should know that this OTA is pretty big, and you will need 1.32 GB of space for it, so make sure that there is enough storage available. The OTA will slowly reach all phones, but if it hasn’t gotten to you, there is another way to get it, as all the download files are available on HTC’s official website.


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