In the world of video games, where every sign or movement can be depicted as being cryptic, it looks like developers are enjoying themselves by having some shameless fun with their social media posts.

What is going on?

Blizzard recently posted a short clip on Twitter featuring a Diablo nightlight that kept switching on and off. Could the message be any clearer or are they just playing around? Well, we can’t say for sure but it looks like the company is teasing us, the viewers, by subconsciously saying that Diablo 3 will come out on Switch very soon.

The developer of the game is also being very reserved, saying that they have nothing to announce about this game. Does that statement sound like pure denial? Yes, we believe it does! Can we find anything out so far? Not really but we are working on it.

Cryptic Clues

It seems very weird that a company is willing to heavily tease a game release if they then say that they do not have anything to say about this. But then again, in this very twisted world, companies may want to play around with their fans for a bit before they say anything concrete.

Reasons for Diablo 3 to be on Switch

For starters, the game is always actively developed by the team of developers and it is already on both old and new generation gaming consoles. Moreover, Blizzard stated that Diablo 3 is perfect for multiplayer gameplay and the Switch is perhaps one of the best consoles for that. If we try to take into account the reasons why Diablo should not be on Switch yet, it is because the console does not have very good online services so far. Despite all of these speculations, we can only sit and wait for an update.

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