Essential has announced that the Essential PH-1 will be receiving the Android 8.1, Oreo update soon. The new update offers improved performance and better battery power. The security features have also been enhanced.

Essential Phone Gets Oreo Update

Android Oreo was first introduced last year and the latest update is the Android 8.1. Essential ran the Android Oreo beta for some months and finally it is rolling out the Android 8.1 version for all users. The phone has come up from Android Nougat 7.1 version to the latest Oreo 8.1 version along with the security patch for the month of March.

Improved Stability

All the features of the Android 8.0 beta are still there along with new features. Essential moved on to the 8.1 version, as there were some stability concerns.  Essential was originally meant to be launched using the Oreo Vanilla version but has now chosen the latest 8.1 version.

Along with this update, Essential Phone also got some bugs addressed, such as some scrolling problems and improved security features.

Change in Settings Layout

The hamburger style of menu in Android Nougat is gone and now the new format in the Oreo 8.1 update offers information in a more compressed form. For instance, the Battery menu comes with an icon showing the amount of charge left.


Accessibility Redesigned

You can now find an icon beside all eligible applications in the Downloaded Services. These icons are available throughout the menu, so users are able to identify options more easily.


Navigation Buttons

The design on the navigation buttons has been changed as well. The home button is now bigger than the buttons for Back and Recent apps. The Home button also has an extra circle emphasizing it. By long pressing it, you can summon Google Assistant.


Dark Mode

The Quick Settings changes color according to your chosen background for the home screen. For instance, if you select dark wallpaper, the Quick Settings background changes to the dark mode or black, whereas it sports a white background for other background colors.

The Quick Settings is also semi-transparent with the new update, so users can view the previous screen.


Other Exciting Additions

The picture in picture mode is now available in the Essential phone with the Oreo Android 8.1 update. This means that users can now view a video even alongside using Maps. The phone also comes with additional emojis. There are 60 more emojis available, which are more detailed as well. The update offers notification dots that can be seen on the top of the application, in case users miss a notification.

Downloading Update

The OTA of the new Oreo Android 8.1 for Essential phone is being rolled out all over the world. The size of the update is a little more than 1 GB. The update for those using the beta version is 275.8 MB.  Users of the Essential phone can go to the Settings on their phones and check out whether the update is available in order to download it.
The update has started being rolled out and should be available to all users within a week. The update also brings with it the security patch for March 2018.

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