Many Fallout players were excited for the Capital Wasteland Project which was supposed to bring a mod that would have created Fallout 3 inside Fallout 4. While this was an ambitious project, it had to be canceled after the team behind it consulted with Bethesda and a lawyer.

Why has the project been canceled?

Nathan, the lead programmer for this project explained on Twitter why he had to drop the mod. He also mentioned that this was “one of the hardest decisions” he has ever made. He offered even more details about their discussions with Bethesda.

One of the main reasons why the project can’t go on is because some of the methods they attempted to use were not legal. For example, it would have been hard to use all the audio from Fallout 3, including the voice acting, since it is copyrighted. Additionally, the team did not have enough money to create their own audio.

“Recently we have communicated with Bethesda regarding our planned method to implement the voice acting and the other audio from Fallout 3 into the Capital Wasteland.During this conversation it became clear our planned approach would raise some serious red flags that we had unfortunately not foreseen,” explained Nathan. He also added that Bethesda did not “shut them down”, instead, the staff just pointed out a few legal mistakes.

Bethesda is known for being indulgent when it comes to mods and there were no legal consequences for mods that change the games. However, in this case, the voice acting was the main problem, due to licensing issues. A lawyer also confirmed everything that was explained by Bethesda. “Basically everything we were doing was sketchy as all hell,” Nathan concluded.

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