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BLORGE.COM, founded in October 2005 is a technology news site covering general technology and science, gaming, business, and culture. Our team of international writers is dedicated to providing gutsy, honest and informed coverage and comment on key technology news and issues, without fear or favor. We serve the global IT community. We want to inform, stimulate and entertain. We want to provide a fresh, independent perspective.

Executive Editor 

Bogdana Zujic  is a senior vice president and editor-in-chief of


Associate Editor 

Demario Ice is Blorge’s economic analyst and business editor. 


News Editors 

Costea Lestoc – Covers business and technology.

Elizabeth Murray – Covers mobile technology.

Andrew Matviles –  Covers science and technology.

Latrice Cesar – Covers smartphone , press releases  and company profiles.

Beatrice Porter – Covers technology analysis  and opinionated news.

Josh Pate-  Covers gaming technology. 

Alex Buchan – Headline news reporter.