Putin's Nobel


Assad Twerk


Start Leakin', Mr. Snowden


Stand Your Ground


Zimmerman's back pocket


DOMA Is Done For

It always seemed destined to be overturned, but by such a narrow margin? 5 to 4? Really?More from NPR:The 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, was...

Boston First Responders


Race, Religion and Terrorism in the Wake Of Boston

In the aftermath of the horrific situation in Boston on Monday, all eyes turn to the ultimate question: who did this?No groups have claimed responsibility yet, so...

SCOTUS, Prop 8, Madison and Majority Rule

The Supreme Court considers the question of whether California’s Proposition 8 ban on same sex marriage is constitutional. So what should happen when the majority acts against a minority, as in Proposition 8? Particularly when we see the executive branch make a craven political decision to not act, and legislators at both the federal and state level unwilling to act. In such a case, it seems obvious that the judiciary is the last firewall to protect our civil liberties, and it is only the judiciary that can preserve minority rights against the will of the majority. In such a case, not only is judicial action acceptable, it is necessary, even when it means substituting judicial fiat for democratic majority or legislative action. Self evident inalienable individual rights should trump the majority every time.

Poll: Gay Marriage Support Rises Significantly Among All Political Affiliations

I don't think this is any surprise, and it certainly sets the stage for a very interesting SCOTUS case coming up.From ABC News, via Wash Post:The poll...

Give me that old-timey filibuster.

Some described Rand Paul’s historic 13 hour filibuster as “libertarian porn”. Note we are talking about a CSPAN feed of a man speaking at a podium for 13 hours, yet it was far more engrossing and entertaining than it had any right to be.Ultimately the Senate voted to confirm John Brennan as Director of the CIA 63-34. But Senator Rand Paul got the answehe was looking for and the country got the debate we deserved.

2nd Amendment Gun Control


Bi-Partisan Senate Committee Paves Way For Immigration Reform

Looks like we have movement on immigration reform a lot sooner than many anticipated. And wouldn't you know it, Rubio is front and center.From Fox News:Sen. Chuck...

Bobby Jindal Wants To Eliminate Personal & Business Income Tax In Louisiana

And replace it with a revenue neutral sales tax?The story..."The bottom line is that for too long, Louisiana's workers and small businesses have suffered from having a...

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