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Grand Theft Government


Topical Storm


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Talks Death Metal, RNC

That’s right, folks.On August 28, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow featured a segment on her program debunking stories in the news, which focused a bit on death metal, Tampa,...

Reuters Runs Story On Republicans And Death Metal

Dude, Reuters must have been ultra desperate for Tampa-related stories ahead of the upcoming Republican convention, because they ran this huge piece on death metal, and how...

Forward, Not Back

2012 – Year of the Divided Government Dragon

The early call: The Republicans will keep the majority in the House. Senate majority is leaning Republican but it’s too close to call. If the Republicans win the White House it is virtually certain they will also take the majority in the Senate and One Party Republican Rule will again hold sway. Voters who prefer to avoid a return to the “good old days” of 2000-2006 cannot rely on the Democrats holding the Senate, leaving only one certain way to avoid that outcome. The Divided Government vote for 2012 is a vote to re-elect Barack Obama.

Rush and Snooki


Last of the GOP voter?


David Frum's problem is still obvious.

David Frum has determined that Ron Paul “minions” (by which he means United States citizens who are supporting, contributing to, and volunteering for the Ron Paul campaign) are trying to “hijack” the Republican Convention (by which he means working to get delegates who support Ron Paul elected to the convention). How are the “minions” going to pull off this nefarious plot? This is the unbelievable part… and one hell of a scoop by David Frum… wait for it… They are going to understand the rules, bylaws, process, and etiquette for electing GOP delegates in every state, then try to get Ron Paul delegates elected. Holy crap! I mean – how underhanded can you get?

Arctic Romney


A Closer Look At VEEP Prospect Paul Ryan

Pundits tend to obsess over people who will never accept the #2 spot on the ticket. For instance, during the 2008 election, every other article was about...

Perry Tebows


GOPfather's Pizza


When “Bad” Bipartisanship Happens to “Good” Partisans

Conventional Wisdom in both main stream and non-traditional media have passed judgement on both the debt ceiling legislation and the bipartisan deficit reduction super committee it begat. Conventional Wisdom informs us that we have seen this movie before and we know how it ends. Conventional Wisdom tells us the bipartisan Super Committee will fail. Problem being - Conventional Wisdom is wrong.



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